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  1. Horton

    Bastrop Texas Water Profile

    Here are the results I got back from Ward Labs of Bastrop Texas water supply. This is specific to my home but I’m sure any local Bastrop brewers will appreciate it.
  2. N

    A framework for transforming an arbitrary mash-schedule to an equivalent isothermal mash

    When I started brewing, I was pretty confused regarding all the different mashing schedules I found in different recipes regarding time, steps and temperatures. In the process of learning more, I ended up trying to make a framework where one can compare different mashing schedules against an...
  3. abdominousabel

    MASH PH Question

    So i've been researching water chemistry stuff and i have a rough gist of it BUT my question is how do i lower the pH mash to 5.2 I see everywhere 5.2 is ideal, my second question is do i make my strike water 5.2 or do i make my pre boil 5.2? I'm confused! I attached water calls that i did on...