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  1. olie

    When scaling up, still boil half wort and add water?

    For 5, 6, 10 & 12 gallon batches, a typical recipe has us boiling approximately half the finished quantity, then adding (pre-boiled & cooled to sterilize) water to the desired finished qty/OG. Ex: 5 gallon batch: boil 3 gallons of wort, end-up with ~2.5 gallons, add water to 5 gallons and/or...
  2. Bob

    Why Not to Pitch On Your Yeast Cake

    Knocking out onto a yeast cake is never a good idea. It is - outside of a very, very few specific instances listed below - always over-pitching. Many amateur brewers report acceptable results by this practice. That's fine, and I applaud their success. Their success does not excuse that this...