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  1. Mattyg91

    How much sugar to yeast to aclohol!

    Okay, so, I am making a hard root beer. I am going to use a regular root beer recipe and pitch my yeast like I would normally do with any other beer. Then I will allow it to ferment, and I will back sweeten with the appropriate amount of sugar for priming and xylitol for sweetness. My question...
  2. Iggles

    Deceitful dextrose product? Not 100% dextrose?

    Hi, I have brewed now about 15-20 batches and often found the carbonation to be underwhelming. As a result, I started targeting 2.8 vol CO2 rather than 2.5, to get to a level I perceive to be more appropriate. Today, I checked the package of the dextrose I use. To my surprise, they suggest to...
  3. Turtletank

    Hefeweizen over carbed?

    Just bottled 5 gallons of hefeweizen and i opened one 24 hours later and it's looking like i over carbed it. I put in 3.2 volumes of CO2 which equaled 12 tbsp. I didnt have a problem last time with the same amount. Maybe it didnt finish fermenting? It ended in 1.01 started at 1.044. Can i fix...
  4. I

    Do I stir after I add priming sugar?

    Hi, I want to syphon my beer from my bucket to another bucket and then add sugar to the 2nd bucket (before bottling). Do I need to stir the sugar in my 2nd bucket? And if so how vigorously? Thanks
  5. H

    Priming With Maltodextrin? (Diastatic yeast)

    I recently brewed a no boil farmhouse ale with homegrown wet hops using Jovaru. Recipe Link It just finished primary fermentation and it needs to be carbonated. I just ran out of CO2 and haven't had time to pick up new CO2. I have both DME and Maltodextrin on hand. The beer turned out to be...
  6. B

    Bottling CO² Vol limits theory

    The reboot is never as good as the original. And I know this has been asked so many times. I'm here for a discussion about the following. I kind of wish this subject had previously received a definitive answer to the question. (I think it's important to say I'm in the UK and have access to...
  7. DanInSydney

    Belgian Stout Bottle Priming

    Hey guys, getting ready to bottle but the recipe didn’t give any directions on this! I want to bottle prime with sugar. Any advice on which sugars and what quantity?
  8. jayjay

    Need quick advice adjuncts effect on priming sugar quantity

    Hi I am about to bottle my first milk stout in which i will be adding a tincture of roasted cacao nibs and vanilla beans to the bottling bucket right before bottling. However i am in doubt as to whether the sugar contents of the adjuncts would mess up the usual priming sugar quantity and...
  9. R

    To prime, or not to prime?

    So this may be a dumb, and asked before question, but I am new to all this so please bear with me. I am making an apple cider from freshly squeezed apples, it has been in my primary for 12 days, I back sweetened with some fresh apple juice, and left if for 2more days, it's at a point now where...
  10. Leo

    Dead yeast in priming bottles, can I introduce new yeast?

    I think I may have oversanitized my bottles, Almost no sediment/ carbonation after a week and half in ideal conditions. For reference, I made a Pils at 4.7% which fermented normally, I primed with 3/4 cup Sugar for a 5 gallon batch netting 55 bottles. My plan to fix this is to mix a new packet...
  11. milleniarist

    My first bottle bomb (bottle conditioning with honey)

    I've been homebrewing for more than four years, almost always conditioning in the bottle with priming sugar and yesterday I had my first bottle exploding. I went through my notes several times and I have no clue how this could happen. Here are some details: The beer was a saison fermented with...
  12. Dale Owen

    Priming sugar for multiple batch sizes

    I brewed a five gallon Belgian blond from extract. I'm experimenting with yeasts I harvested. I made a 3 gallon batch using the yeast that came with the kit and two 1 gallon batches using the yeasts I harvested. I'm getting ready to bottle. Regarding priming sugar, I have two dilemmas. First...
  13. N

    noob help with priming, sweetening and flavor

    hello, guys, this is my first time here and I have a question? I have a 5 gallon batch of cider working and I used a red star premier blanc champagne yeast it's still bubbling and is coming to its end. I know it's going to be very dry and I'm not sure how to go about priming for carbonation with...
  14. Jzrp

    Do I have enough yeast for priming?

    Hi all Might be a stupid question thread but what better way to make my first post on this forum. I’m on my second brew, a partial mash that I’m calling a coconut latte stout... as it’s a breakfast stout heavy in chocolate and coffee which has had some coconut milk powder in with the lactose...
  15. Jhonntan Gonzalez

    Foamy beer after priming

    Hello guys! I have been homebrewing for about 2 years, recently I bought a fridge to control my fermenentation better (picture attached). Doing that increased my beer flavor a lot however, I am now reaching an stability problem, whenever my beer is primed it last at room temperature for about...
  16. J

    Beer not carbonating in spite of same procedure

    hi guys, I’m new to this community so I hope this is the right place to ask a question. First off I wanna say that I’m a very methodical guy. I write down every detail of my brewing process. This time around, I made 4 different batches of which 2 I had made several times before and 2 were new...
  17. Jhonntan Gonzalez

    Can beer keep carbonating after fridge?

    Hello guys, I've been homebrewing for almost 2 years right now, I have always bottle condition my beers but recently I found after a year or so of not having any over carbonated beers that two batches were over carbonated. On the first batch, it was over-carbonated from the beginning, my second...
  18. Sky_Blue_Waters

    Taking off the priming training wheels

    Just started home brewing a couple months ago. Loving it so far! Its much easier than it seemed at first considering all the equipment needed. I am going to be bottling my 3rd batch this weekend. Going to get supplies for a set up like Revvy has in the bottling forum sticky (Siphon + bottling...
  19. Gregory T

    Priming valve location and pump orientation

    I’m linking this thread cause it took me forever and several threads and theories to find it #maythe4thbewithyou ##happybigbrewday #witchdoctor
  20. seatazzz

    Possible silly bottling question

    From someone who's been kegging exclusively for the last two years, I've got a batch fermenting that will get bottled since half of it is going to a friend. Just checked it this morning, after a week it's only down to 1.020 (yes hydrometer is calibrated) but it TASTES right, albeit a bit sweet...