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  1. H

    Added too much maple syrup to the Imperial breakfast stout

    This f*** up happened because i forgot that i scaled down the recipe by half so i added twice as much (454g) maple syrup as i was supposed to. The recipe says it will be 8.5% ABV. The Wyeast 1084 will die at 12%. So can I assume the yeast will kill itself before the bottling time comes...
  2. A

    Too much priming sugar

    So I was bottling my batch of pilsner today and it went really well, too well in fact. Because when we put the priming sugar in our 330ml bottles we missed the text that said "Per Liter" and I did't see it until recently. So we put 6gr/bottle when it was soposed to be 2gr/bottle, basically 3x as...
  3. MarTeBrew

    Bottling what to avoid?

    Hi Brewers, So I bottled few batches already. Some brews were ok to me but great to my friends. Because I am still learning I wonder if you can share what errors to avoid when bottling. I am asking after sanitization let's say with NO RINSE StarSan. For example: 1. How long we can keep...
  4. W

    I need help understanding the order of steps..

    Ok. So I already started 15 gallons of apple cider in several carboys and have begun racking to secondary. But I’m trying to figure out in what order I make amendments etc. Please let me know what’s what. 1. Finish primary fermentation (I already tested SG levels and it’s all below 1.010) 2...
  5. A

    First Brew - Made mistake with Corn Sugar

    Hello, I just bough the norther brewer deluxe kit and went through the brew process (for my first time) with a buddy of mine. After watching the video online which the company posts as a tutorial, we became confused, as the video showed the kit coming with dry malt, but the kit did not...
  6. R

    Bottle Carbing, new ideas?

    Hello all! It's been a while since my last brew....about a year and a half due to work, life, etc. Anyways, getting ready to brew a simple IPA in the coming days. Anyways...point of this post. I only have the room/set up for bottling my beer. The couple beers I've brewed while tasting alright...
  7. frankvw

    How to deal with overprimed beer

    I brewed two Belgian big beers (one dubbel, one tripel) using WLP504. This is a yeast that likes to take its time and continues to attenuate the wort/beer very slowly for many weeks after you think it's done in the fermenter. Think 1 gravity point per week or so. (Anyone else have the same...
  8. Jhonntan Gonzalez

    Foamy beer after priming

    Hello guys! I have been homebrewing for about 2 years, recently I bought a fridge to control my fermenentation better (picture attached). Doing that increased my beer flavor a lot however, I am now reaching an stability problem, whenever my beer is primed it last at room temperature for about...
  9. Jhonntan Gonzalez

    Can beer keep carbonating after fridge?

    Hello guys, I've been homebrewing for almost 2 years right now, I have always bottle condition my beers but recently I found after a year or so of not having any over carbonated beers that two batches were over carbonated. On the first batch, it was over-carbonated from the beginning, my second...
  10. W

    priming sugar question

    Quick question, sounds super obvious, when calculating priming sugar do you use the volume in your FV or the volume in your bottling bucket? i've always used the volume in my FV and added the syrup straight into there but last time i racked the beer on top of the sugar solution into the bottling...
  11. kelogs

    pressure regulators behaviour, sugar carbonating

    Hi, First time making cider - I have this standard pressure regulator like most other folks (not this really, but strikingly similar) I've set it to 2.3 bar (35 PSI) and let it sit for some 3 weeks, hoping my 17 C (59 F) cider barrel would carbonate. Result: apart from some nice looking...
  12. S

    Muntons Smugglers Special Ale - no sugar in the kit

    Hi all, I am in the process of brewing my first special ale. Instructions say to transfer fermented beer into bottles or secondary bucket and light spray malt or sugar before bottling. Previous lager kits I have used had priming sugar supplied with the kit, this doesn't. I plan to transfer...
  13. thisissami

    Priming Bottles w/ Cane Sugar Question

    Hi All, I'm bottling a new batch today. I have 1L bottles that I'll be bottling everything into, and am planning on priming each of them with 1 tsp of cane sugar. My question is: if I just get a teaspoon of cane sugar into each of them without any attempts to dissolve them.... will they...
  14. EnglishAndy

    Calculate water to add with priming sugar so ABV unchanged?

    Here's a puzzler for the maths folks. I batch prime my beer with table sugar dissolved in boiled water before bottling. Depending on the carbonation level this can add up to 0.5% ABV to my brew. I don't want that and I know that it is possible to calculate the amount of water to batch prime with...
  15. J

    First Batch Questions

    Hello fellow homebrewers, I'm a complete beginner when it comes to this stuff and my very first batch is nearly done fermenting. I have a few (probably stupid) questions. Firstly, I ordered an equipment kit from Homebrew that came with all kinds of extra toys (immersion wort...
  16. Tpost704

    Did I add too much priming sugar?

    I just bottled 5 gallons of hefeweizen yesterday. Fermented for 15 days at around 68 degrees. I used an online priming sugar calculator to calculate how much I needed. I ended up going with 6.3 oz of corn sugar to bring 5 gallons to a co2 volume of 3.3. Looking back, I'm thinking this may have...
  17. Bubbles2

    Sediment and Bottling

    Thanks for looking in, I am near bottling my Stout, it is in the secondary (clearing and getting down to 1013-1020 at the moment. The sludge that was left behind (2" in the primary) is a good reason to want to use a 2ndary. In the secondary I now have a good 1/2" of sludge in it. I do not want...
  18. B

    Priming with Honey

    Has anyone had much experience priming with honey?
  19. D

    California Common (Uncommon FG?)

    I just bottled my first California Common ale and the FG was 1.020 after 4 weeks in the primary at 60 degrees. Is this usual for this yeast type/beer type or do I have broken bottles cleanup in my future? I primed with 3/4 cup of cane sugar and I took the FG reading after priming. What can I...