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  1. JstnMoyer

    Over-Carbonated Bottles & Volume Adjustment

    My brews keep coming out over-carbonated. About a month after bottling, my beers are so over-carbonated, that I have to pour them in larger beer glasses and give them a good stir with a spoon to release some of the bite so I can enjoy them. This has been the case with 7 out of 8 batches. I...
  2. R

    Bottle Carbing, new ideas?

    Hello all! It's been a while since my last brew....about a year and a half due to work, life, etc. Anyways, getting ready to brew a simple IPA in the coming days. Anyways...point of this post. I only have the room/set up for bottling my beer. The couple beers I've brewed while tasting alright...
  3. M

    Priming solution without boiling

    I was looking around and didn't find anything about this. So i have bottled water so i was wondering if I could skip boiling the priming solution or is it for more than just sanitation purposes? Thanks all a RAHAHB