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  1. A

    Priming Sugar vs Co2

    Hi There, I’m new to the forum and relatively new to brewing as a whole (I have 3 brews under my belt at the moment) I’ve just purchased 2 corny kegs and would like some advice on carbonation if anyone can share there wisdom. From what I have been looking at so far, carbonating by co2 and...
  2. M

    Help needed over primed barrel

    I put 100g of dissolved spraymalt into my barrel but left the tap open (not brewed in 10 years so back to beginners mistakes at least I knew to do it outside). I now how 25 pints in my barrel with enough sugar for 40. If all was well it would be ready for drinking in 5 days but I gave it a...
  3. Morris Coleman

    Priming Corny Kegs?

    I'm brewing a Hefe soon and am new to kegging. I just completed a three tap keezer and currently have two brews in the Keezer and one keg for carbonated water. After primary can I simply prime in the keg as if I were bottling and store it, then just put the keg in the keezer to cool when space...