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  1. Mattyg91

    How much sugar to yeast to aclohol!

    Okay, so, I am making a hard root beer. I am going to use a regular root beer recipe and pitch my yeast like I would normally do with any other beer. Then I will allow it to ferment, and I will back sweeten with the appropriate amount of sugar for priming and xylitol for sweetness. My question...
  2. R

    Bottle Carbing, new ideas?

    Hello all! It's been a while since my last brew....about a year and a half due to work, life, etc. Anyways, getting ready to brew a simple IPA in the coming days. Anyways...point of this post. I only have the room/set up for bottling my beer. The couple beers I've brewed while tasting alright...
  3. J

    Beer not carbonating in spite of same procedure

    hi guys, I’m new to this community so I hope this is the right place to ask a question. First off I wanna say that I’m a very methodical guy. I write down every detail of my brewing process. This time around, I made 4 different batches of which 2 I had made several times before and 2 were new...
  4. J

    My cherry chocolate milk stout no good?

    This is my 4th home brew. I decided to get creative.... I got the 1 gal chocolate milk stout kit from craftabrew I decided to add 1lb of cherry puree to 5 min left of boil. Og was 1.070 Fg was 1.030 I let it ferment for 3 weeks. I soaked the nibs in 3 oz of vodka for 5 days. Then added after...
  5. J

    Priming Basics

    I need some practical advice for priming and bottle conditioning my beer. Here's what I've done so far... My first batch was a pale ale and it went well. I added priming solution to the bottling bucket, racked, and bottled. I had a good head and a was very drinkable first beer within only 6...
  6. Bubbles2

    Prime time to Prime with Maple Syrup instead of sugar

    Greetings Earthlings thanks for looking in, So I have had a few discussions with a brewmaster over at AHS (austin home supply) Great advice, but wanted to hear from some of you who may have tried and what your notes are. 5 gallon batch of Stout ready to prime for bottling. Instructed to use...
  7. Byrdbrewer

    Priming question

    I have a batch of Amarillo Pala Ale that I will be bottling this week end and for whatever reason ( I probably forgot to check it when I added my 1 gal of water to the bucket) the batch is about 1 – 1 ½ below the 5 gal mark on my bucket. I store my bottles in the corner of my living room with...