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  1. BrewersJourney

    Economics of Homebrewing

    I’ve been tracking my brewing costs ever since starting this awesome hobby and decided to compile a post to show off what the numbers look like (so far). I half-jokingly said the point of doing this was to see if homebrewing was actually less expensive (tl:dr - it certainly can be, but a lot is...
  2. mr_stout

    The Price of Craft Beer

    I one time bought a 12 ounce bottle of beer for $2 dollars US and another 12 ounce bottle for $6 US. My question is why didn't the $6 dollar bottle of beer taste 3x better????? Sad to say that the $2 dollar bottle of beer tasted better. I have seen 12 ounce bottles selling for $12 dollars but...
  3. brando

    Hops Survey!!!

    I was shopping at my LHBS this week and paid $5.00 for 2 Oz. of whole leaf hops. For most brews I'll buy about 4 Oz. of hops. I pay about $20/Lb. of the same. What about everyone else? I'd love to get a feel about how much others usually pay. Do you try to get the best stuff or buy whatever...