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  1. N

    Using fermentation pressure to bottle

    Alright, I have a feeling I'm going to get roasted for suggesting this but better that then I waste my time and money! What I'm attempting to do: I'll be brewing a few 3 gallon (both extract and all grain) batches using equipment I already own with the BIAB method. I want to ferment in a...
  2. J

    Avoiding O2 at all costs for wedding NEIPA - My Low O2 Setup

    tl;dr using corny keg to act as blowoff vessel during fermentation while simultaneously purging the very same keg to act as my primary conditioning vessel After my last post on Reddit I have decided to spin up another batch and hope for the best by wedding date in 4 weeks. I took a lot of...
  3. Whisky River

    Withdrawn Spike Flex Low Pressure Lid

    Looking to buy the standard lid for a Spike Flex fermenter with the built in clips and the large 4 inch TC port. Maybe someone has upgraded to the higher pressure lid with the multiple TC ports and has their old one collecting dust. Let me know. Thanks
  4. tidesmatt

    Half Barrel 15.5 Gallon Sanke Keg with Custom Fitted NorCal Brewing Ultimate Fermenter Kit - $250

    For sale is a half barrel 15.5 gallon Sanke Keg as well as a Custom fitting NorCal Brewing Ultimate Cross Fermenter Kit. The keg itself is an older, AB keg and is in solid condition. Outside is as shown in pictures, but the inside is clean and in solid shape. The fermenter kit turns this keg...
  5. javert

    Pressurized keg-to-keg, how to automatically stop once full.

    Hi people. This has probably already been asked a lot of times, but given the details it was hard for me to browse: When transferring carbonated beer from one keg to another which is smaller, is there a way to automatically control or stop the flow when the smaller keg is full? I've seen some...
  6. Logo06

    Kegging and Camping

    Hi I am planning summer holidays which entails 3 weeks camping in late December (I'm in New Zealand). I currently have a standard 19l corny keg set up, and am planning to take 2 kegs with me. Ill chill and force carbonate prior to going, the issue is I don't have access to power at the camp...