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  1. L

    BlowTie Spunding Valve leaking under pressure

    Using a FermZilla All Rounder with a BlowTie Spunding valve I'm 24+ hours into fermentation and the pressure was at 30 PSI. I opened the spunding valve to dial down the pressure and the wort started pouring out of the spunding valve! I had to release pressure using the PRV and it seems I can't...
  2. J

    Life Expectancy of FermZilla Conical Fermenter?

    Just wondering what the life expectancy of the FermZilla Conical Fermenter is? I know what hydrotesting is and have done testing on other types of pressure vessels. I am thinking of purchasing a few and wondering how long they last before you have to replace the container portion of the...
  3. R

    Pressure Fermentation Temperature Profile

    Hi guys and gals, I have recently entered the world of pressure fermentation and would like to ask if anyone could chime in with any advice. I am brewing ale. Specifically TheMaultMiller Tribute all grain kit. I have set up a glycol chiller (home made using an oil cooler, pump, stc 1000 and...
  4. Near-Beer-Engineer

    I'm doing everything right (right?)...But still can't get rid of yeast off-flavors.

    I've taken all the steps. Tried all the techniques. Bought all the equipment... But I still get a slight (subtle, but noticeable), off-flavor from my yeast in pale/light beers. I've been brewing all-grain for years and have made some great beers (including some medal winners) - but the issue...
  5. D

    remote pressure monitoring

    this is my first post and I would like to give back a little to this forum for all the help it has given me. does anyone else have the same problem as I had? having gone into pressure fermentation and finding it very advantageous I was concerned with monitoring my pressure, my fermentation...