potassium sorbate

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  1. Afonso Correia

    Campden tablets and Potassium sorbate

    Hey there Im Im new at this and planning to make a batch of mead I read about it and some places said i i needed to add Potassium sorbate to halt the fermentation process and other places i read i also had to add crushed campden tablets before fermentation Do i need to do both? Crushed campden...
  2. NYShooterGuy

    D'oh! I bought Apple Cider pasteurized with Potassium Sorbate

    So, rookie mistake. I wanted to make my 2nd hard cider and didn't realize I bought Apple Cider pasteurized with Potassium Sorbate. $25 worth. Now what?! The store can't take it back and I can't drink enough of it before it spoils. Any help on what (if any) I can do it possibly still...