potassium metabisulphite

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  1. W

    I need help understanding the order of steps..

    Ok. So I already started 15 gallons of apple cider in several carboys and have begun racking to secondary. But I’m trying to figure out in what order I make amendments etc. Please let me know what’s what. 1. Finish primary fermentation (I already tested SG levels and it’s all below 1.010) 2...
  2. S

    Plasticky Residue in Old Primary Fermenter

    So I got out my plastic primary fermenter (35 liter) and opened the lid. Terrible smell. Not sure how to describe it. Aromatic plastic maybe. In the bottom of the fermenter, there's a clear, thick, syrupy substance. 3 millimeters. Tried spraying it out with water, but it does not appear to be...
  3. A

    Infected Mead? Help!

    Hello, Just joined Homebrew Talk and looking forward to being a part of the community! I'm also new to mead making and I think I've gotten myself into some trouble. The below photo is a traditional mead made with orange blossom honey and using Lalvin 71B yeast. It is two months old and it was...
  4. piojo

    Can I sulfite before priming and bottle-conditioning?

    I'd like to have the best of both worlds regarding easy carbonation, and shelf life (reduced oxygen). If I add enough sulfites to bind with oxygen, will that prevent yeast from bottle conditioning? If I can do this, would I need to add fresh yeast?
  5. thisissami

    K-Meta at Bottling Questions

    Hi Everybody, I understand that adding Potassium Metabisulfite at bottling will help with anti-oxidation and preserving your wine longer. I have some questions related to this: 1) It seems counter-intuitive to add K-Meta to my carboy then bottle immediately. Wouldn't that cause a build-up of...