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  1. weshammers

    Boiling Pot

    Good morning/evening everyone! Silly question for you.. I am in the process of starting to brew. Have yet to even buy the supplies, however, I have been doing my research and I can't decide on a boiling pot to purchase. Aluminum or stainless steel? My end-goal is to essentially do all-grain...
  2. M

    New Mexico Two converted 15 gallon keg kettles + extras

    Tops are cut off, and both have 1/2" threaded ports with arms and ball valves. Used one as a HLT and one as a mash tun. Work great. Will last a lifetime. Also available - - Stainless steel chugger pump - Shirron plate chiller - Two 60L Spiedel fermentors - 12" false bottom Make me an...
  3. daviscountybeer

    Iowa 2x Bayou 10 Gallon Kettles - Electric

    I recently upgraded to Spike welded HLT and boil kettles so these are no longer needed. Both started as standard Bayou kettles and were drilled for the following weldless ports: HLT: - Bottom sight glass - 1/2" - Bottom pickup - 1/2" - 5500w ripple electric element - 1.5" - Lid notched for...
  4. W

    Wisconsin Electric 5500W eBIAB Pot

    I have a custom built eBIAB pot for sale that can be used for eBIAB or as part of a larger system. I paid about $450 for all the parts to build this pot; I'm selling for $200. For now, local pickup in the SE Wisconsin area. If I can't find anyone local, I will update the post with a shipping...
  5. A

    California Full home brew setup, all grain.

    Long time lurker, sad to say this is my first post. Selling all of my equipment, moving into a smaller place and will have no more room to homebrew. 3 glass big mouth bubblers with harnesses, one 6.5 gallon the other two are 5 gallon. Bottle drying tree with tons of bottles. Bruery bottles...
  6. Beerfest

    Minnesota Keggles for sale. Mash Tun and HLT/Brew Kettle

    (1) Mash Tun Keggle - ball valve, thermometer, false bottom, lid $165 Can also be used as a HLT or boil kettle (1) HLT or Brew Kettle - 2 ball valves, thermometer, lid $145 There is a wort chiller that fits this Keggle $15 ($50 worth of copper). The 2 ball valves were used with a pump to...
  7. SpikeBrewing

    Didn't Get That New Kettle for the Holidays? Enter Here...

    Hope everyone had a nice holiday and hopefully some time off from work to get some brews in. For those that are not aware I'm a new vendor here specializing in home brew kettles. If you're in the market for a new kettle please email or give me a call :mug: Ben Caya 262.370.4616...
  8. B

    Is this a good pot to start going AG

    http://www.waresdirect.com/products/Restaurant-Supply/Johnson-Rose/Stock-Pot-6027675 It's 60 qt, meaning I could use it for bigger beers. I'm planning on getting the SP10 propane burner as well.