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  1. M

    Mead Yeast Cake?

    Knowing that mead lacks the solids of beer/wine production, will mead's yeast cake and "devil's share" act the same way composted as these others? If not; what else might I use this yeast slurry for? Also, hi! Used to experimenting on my own, but SUPER eager to chat with more experienced...
  2. Jonas Nielsen

    Backsweetening/flavoring blackberry wine (Beginner questions)

    Hello! I've been doing my first brew with a batch of blackberries, from what I can see the more experienced users here tends to only use the berries and don't add water. My ratio was closer to 1kg/1kg/3.4L for berry/sugar/water. So somewhat thin, but it was what most recipes i found at the time...