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  1. Y

    Distinct white ring on top of foam/krausen - infection?

    Hi fellow brewers! This is my first meed(+first forum post) and maybe 8th brew so far. So I'm still quite new to this hobby. Advice from more experienced brewers needed :) This mead got started around 10 days ago. The first 5 days of the fermentation was violent and messy - blow off tube, lots...
  2. Rfox2014

    Signs of Lager Fermentation? Or…

    Hey ya’ll, within the last couple hours a thin white head has formed which doesn’t appear bubbly or web-like. Does anyone have experience on what beginning phases of a lager fermentation looks like? This is my first lager brew (i’ve done many ales) and only my second brew in this clear...
  3. Ctoph6


    Hello all! New home brewer here, and I have a question for those with more experience…I’m brewing a double IPA extract (yeast: LD Carlson Apex Cultures San Diego), and in the morning of day 2 in the fermenter, my beer was forming some white spots that looked similar to other pictures I’ve seen...
  4. D

    How can I understand if my fermantation infected or not?

    Everything was fine. This was my first kit. It was pilsner. I put the yeast then closed the lid. After 20 minutes I realized there is a little leaking from faucet. I sanitized my arm and open lid, reach the gasket, tighten it, then closed the lid. I was fast. Today is the third day. Airlock...
  5. B

    Possible metal/aluminum poisoning from my brew kettle? Kombucha

    Hey Everyone is just started brewing kombucha and loved it so much i decided to by a 10 gallon brew kettle from amazon Stainless Steel, after i received it. Went through the process of cleaning and sanitation, while doing that i was boiling about 7 gallons of fresh water just to get a thorough...
  6. jsalalala

    Infected beer bottles?

    Hello to all of you, just a quick question, i made a pilsener and i bottled it about ten days ago with priming sugar.Some bottles seems to have like a white pale curtain inside that moves as i move the bottle.Is it a possible infection or just something about carbonation or yeast?