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  1. potseeslc

    Guile Brews and the history of Australian Beers with Peter Symons - Homebrewing DIY POdcast

    Hey everyone, I had a great talk about Australian historical beers and Peter Symon's new book Guile Brews. Check it out and subscribe: https://homebrewingdiy.beer/index.php/2020/02/27/episode-26-guile-brews-with-peter-symons/
  2. potseeslc

    Homebrewing DIY Podcast - CraftBeerPi with the creator Manuel Fritsch

    Today I talked to Manuel Fritsch the maker of the CraftBeerPi brewing automation software for the Raspberry Pi. If you have been curious check out this episode and subscribe. https://homebrewingdiy.beer/index.php/2020/01/02/episode-18-craftbeerpi-with-manuel-fritsch/
  3. potseeslc

    Tips, trick and approach to Homebrew Labels with Kory Lazar Homebrewing DIT POdcast

    Here is the latest episode of Homebrewing DIY where we talk with graphic designer and homebrewer Kory Lazar about his tips tricks and approach to designing great homebrew labels. https://homebrewingdiy.beer/index.php/2019/11/21/episode-13-diy-beer-labels-with-kory-lazar/
  4. Opherman47

    Hey Brewtalk, I launched a podcast

    I have been around this forum since 2008, you all helped me learn how to brew and have a great time. I also used to do brewcasts that a few hundred of you would tune into back in the day. Anyways, I wanted to let this wonderful community know that I have (with my business partner) launched...
  5. potseeslc

    Homebrewing DIY Ep- 9 DIY Malting

    I am always looking for DIY projects to feature on this show. When I saw some of the things the Giovannni Giannetti had built as part of his home malting process I knew I had to have him be a guest. So today we are going to talk about the process of home malting and talk about some of the...
  6. potseeslc

    Ep - 8 The Internet of Things Brewery with Philip Levin

    https://homebrewingdiy.beer/index.php/2019/10/16/episode-8-the-internet-of-things-brewery-with-philip-levin/ On this show we have dealt with a bunch of individual tech projects, but on today’s show, we are going to talk to Philip Levin all the way from Haifa Israel. Philip talks to me today...
  7. potseeslc

    Hombrewing DIY Episode 6 - The Tea Urn Brewery

    https://homebrewingdiy.beer/index.php/2019/10/03/episode-6-the-tea-urn-brewery-with-steve-and-russ-cooksey/ One of the things that has always blown my mind about homebrewing is just the creativity homebrewers use to make beer. Whether it is out of necessity or frugalness, where there is a will...
  8. potseeslc

    Ep 5 - BrewPI Remix with Lee Bussy

    Hey everyone, I know that Lee Bussy is a regular on this forum and that he has helped a ton of homebrewers navigate getting their systems setup with Fermentrack, iSpindel, and all variations of BrewPI. I talked with him on my podcast about his new project BrewPI Remix and the history of BrewPi...
  9. Denny

    Experimental Brewing Podcast Episode 102 - Hood River Beers

    https://www.experimentalbrew.com/podcast/episode-102-hood-river-beers We're not done with Hop & Brew School just yet because as Denny headed home from Yakima, he stopped in the beer rich river city of Hood River. While there he sat down with Brian Perkey of Lallemand to talk about his long...
  10. potseeslc

    One of the most high-quality DIY brewing systems I have seen. Episode 3 – The Beer Barn with Jim Spa

    Jim has one of the most high-quality DIY systems I have seen in the wild. He built his "Barn" himself and dug out his cellar by hand and makes amazing beer. We talk to him about all of those subjects. Check out the podcast. Note we are now on Apple Podcasts and most services. Let me know if...
  11. potseeslc

    Homebrewing DIY Episode 2 - Fermentrack

    Hi HBT, I just dropped my second episode of Homebrewing DIY and we talk about fermentrack. You can listen here: https://homebrewingdiy.beer/index.php/2019/09/05/fermentrack-with-aaron-bandler/ We are now on Google Podcasts, Breaker, Pocket Casts, and Radio Republic.