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  1. snarf7

    Cheap plumbing fittings?

    I swear I saw it posted here somewhere but I can't find the link. Buying these various fittings gets expensive thru homebrew supply sites because they want $4-5 apiece. There's a plumbing supply store online that sells them significantly cheaper and in bulk (i.e. bag of 10 etc). Anyone know what...
  2. H

    Please review my plumbing schematic!

    Hi all, I am in the process of aquiring/designing my brewery. I have pretty much purchased the main components (ie, kegs as bk, mlt, hlt, and one pump), but before I start buying a lot more stuff, I want to make sure I know what I am getting in to, and that it will work. This will be a RIMS...
  3. H

    Safe to use water heater supply lines?

    I am plumbing my first setup: keggle > march pump > plate chiller > cornie. I was wondering, it is okay to use water heater supply line for the hoses between the keggle > pump and the pump > chiller? I know some types of hoses can cause off flavors/odors, and some are just flat out not okay to...