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  1. M

    Cider not bubbling even after re-pitching yeast

    Well I’m stumped. I’ve brewed lots of cider and never had any issues but this time… I juiced (not pressed) 4 gallons of apple juice and strained through cheese cloth. It still had between 1 and 2 inches of pulp settle out at the bottom of each 1 galling jug in my fridge. I put two campden tabs...
  2. E

    Pitching and bottom-up transfert to fermenter

    Dear brewers, I have been looking at several places but cannot find any reliable info on this specific topic. With some friends, we bought a SS brewtech chronical fermenter. As mentioned in many textbooks and in the user manual, the best is to fill the fermenter by the bottom, in order to...
  3. T

    2.75 gallon batches - Yeast pitch advise??

    I have 2.75 gallons going into the fermenter for a final volume of 2.5 gallons in the keg. I have brewed two batches on this new little system I have and both times my wort has just tasted kinda "off". Both batches have been around 1.050-1.060 gravity and I have pitched 5 gallon yeast packs in...
  4. TrevHTX

    Using Washed Yeast for Future Batches

    I have just recently washed yeast from a batch of Cream Ale that has finished it's fermentation period. I used approximately 1 gallon of water to wash the yeast, and have poured it off into 2 containers which are currently sitting in my fridge. I know that the yeast multiples during the...
  5. rondemay

    Pitching on Yeast Cake

    So, despite knowing better, I had extra ingredients around and I decided to brew a new batch the day I was racking over my Saison. For the Saison I used the WY3711 (I washed and saved this too, because it is the most fantastic strain). After racking into the secondary and adding my Brett I...
  6. H

    Unbloomed Dry Yeast

    hey guys, I pitched my second brew without blooming/activating my dry yeast, and morning after setting the beer to ferment I haven’t seen much going on. Slight bubbling, small white bubbles around the top. The instructions in my homebrew kit were fairly vague and didn’t mention blooming the...
  7. FranklinBrewer

    stuck/no fermentation?

    Followed the Edwort's apfelwein recipe to a T, except may have underpitched the yeast.... not sure if that's the problem.... I pitched about 2/3 of a dry yeast packet (Montachet's champagne yeast), and it's been in the fermenter for 8 days. I took an SG reading today and got 1.052 (OG was...
  8. I

    How long does yeast last?

    I bought some ingredients and liquid yeast for a batch about 2 months ago but never had the time to brew. Now that things have calmed down I would like to make another batch but I don't know if my ingredients are still good. Can I still use the yeast I bought a few months ago? In general how...
  9. I

    Waiting to pitch yeast? Is this ok?

    I'll be brewing today but the yeast I've been waiting on probably won't get here till this evening. It's my day off so I can't really change when I brew. I normally let the cooled wort sit covered in the brew pot with the lid sprayed with Starsan and covered in tinfoil for 30 minutes to let a...
  10. D

    Pitching Rate Question

    Hello everyone, I have read the forum for quite some time, but this is my first post. I will be making a Scotch Ale this weekend with an expected OG of 1.083. I just did the math for the starter and came up with about 295billion cells needed for the pitch. That's close to a gallon of...
  11. Bob

    Why Not to Pitch On Your Yeast Cake

    Knocking out onto a yeast cake is never a good idea. It is - outside of a very, very few specific instances listed below - always over-pitching. Many amateur brewers report acceptable results by this practice. That's fine, and I applaud their success. Their success does not excuse that this...