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  1. Ouroboros

    Splashed the Mash and Pitched on Warm Wort

    So here is my "did I (verb) my beer" thread. Some friends and I were playing pretty continuous beer pong while I was in the process of brewing my first all-grain. :tank: To paraphrase certain government officials... "Mistakes were made." I forgot to stick the manifold into the mash/lauter...
  2. xSpeaker

    Bottled vs. Tap Water

    I just put my 4th brew into primary (amped up Hoegaarden clone ~6%abv), when I realized that it might be time to reevaluate using bottled vs. tap water. I live in Berkeley CA where the water is, frankly, delicious. Beats the hell out of southern california water. I don't think it is hard...