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  1. BandonBrewingCo

    Wyeast Bioligist recommends 18-24 Hour Starter MAX and 3 Packs of Yeast per 5 Gal Batch

    Thought this was very interesting where he states 1 pack of wyeast in 2 Liter starter is doubled in 18-24 hours. The video below he states he packs at a rate of 3 packs per 5 Gallons of wort! I can't find any discussion on these videos even though they are quiet old...
  2. G

    100% Brett C. Necessary cell count.

    I'm planning on trying my first 100% brett beer soon. I've got 2 packs of Wyeast Brett C, so 200 billion cells. Pitching brett as the only yeast requires lagering rates, which I've read is 12 million cells/mL. According to my (possibly incorrect) math, it would require 270 billion cells to...
  3. S

    Dangerous High ABV Pitching

    In 55 hours (Friday evening) I'm brewing a Westy Clone with 1.091 target OG and will be using Wyeast 1762 (Belgian Abbey II) yeast (4 packs at about 60%). Will be brewing 11 gallons and fermenting in two standard buckets (will transfer for secondary carboy in about 2 weeks). Considering...
  4. HOoT_oWL

    Should I make another Starter and pitch again? Did I mess up? 1068 ESB

    Hi all, I Brewed an ESB yesterday with 1968. The day before I made a 2L starter from a pack of 1968 ESB yeast. When the wort was fully chilled(64 F) I went ahead and pitched the yeast into the 11 gallons of wort (1.060). I stirred gently and commenced siphoning the wort into 2 fermentors...