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  1. BryggAnton

    What is the meaning of /hl in pitch rate?

    Hi folks! I have what I believe is a simple question. That makes me feel stupid for not knowing. I'm following a recipe that they say the pitch rate is 60g/hl. What does hl stands for?
  2. N

    Different pitching rates for wine and beer yeast

    I was having a discussion over in the One Gallon thread and it was suggested I post my query here. So far all I have made is cider, fruit wines, and one batch of mead. When looking at the directions for wine and cider yeast the pitch rates are pretty simple. About one gram per gallon. But...
  3. Gregory T

    just received old yeast

    I just received 2 packs of WLP500 from MoreBeer. both were manufactured 12/19/18 I am brewing a Tripel O.G. 1078, 5.5 gallons. I prefer a 1.25 pitch rate as I'm doing a series of Tripels and pitch rate is a part of that. The calculators on viability go from 31% to .4% Ironically MoreBeer's...
  4. C

    First Time Brewing from Scratch, think I got everything down except super confused about yeast

    Hello everyone, first time (extract) brewer here so be gentle please haha. I have spent the past month getting every little bit of science down for a high gravity blueberry ale (5 gallon batch) I've wanted to make, I am ready to brew on wednesday but I'm still honestly having trouble...
  5. snarf7

    Double yeast pitch for lager recipe?

    I've seen this a couple times now with some different lager recipes I've been reading up on. It calls for pitching 2 packs of yeast instead of the normal 1. Is the rationale that the lower temps require more yeast? Or is it a time thing, pitching more will finish up fermentation faster? The...
  6. W

    barley wine yeast question

    I am going to make a 15L batch of barley wine with a target og of 1.108. I am going to use mangrove jacks m42 new world strong ale yeast which is suitable for that strength but i presume i will still need to pitch 2 packets for such a high og? thanks