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  1. J

    First All Grain Attempt... at a Pilsner

    Soooo I might have set my sights a little too high for my first attempt. I have a lot of the information I need to make a gracious (yet probably a fail) attempt at a decoction mash. One thing I’m having a problem with is amount of strike water and sparge water I need. Anyone have any advice or...
  2. Aróchito

    Dry hopping cider with Saaz hop Pellets

    Hey folks, does anyone have experience dry hopping cider with Saaz hops? thanks
  3. Nate R

    Did i pitch too much lager yeast?

    Hey all. So i finally realized the economies of making large yeast starters and saving some. I did a 5 gallon batch of a basic pilsner. I added what is probably about a 2 to 3L starter size of wlp800. I picthed at 47, then let it rise to 54 where i am holding it. This is only my second lager...
  4. T

    Looking to brew a Pilsner... do I need to cold crash?

    Hi all, I am attempting to rekindle my home brewing hobby after a year long hiatus due to work and life in general! If I'm pulling away any positives from the current state of affairs in the world, its that it will give me more time to home-brew! I have only done about 4 brews now, so I am...
  5. Gingerbeardman

    Mangrove Jack Traditional Kit

    Hey, I have recently brewed a Mangrove Jack Lucky Goat Pale Ale (used DME instead of dextroxe, and dry hopped) it turned out quite good, so I thought I would try brewing the Lucid Pils. The instructions say to ferment at 20-25C which is the same instructions for the Pale Ale. This seems quite...
  6. Boozy Mcboozerson

    American Lager Victory Prima Pils Clone

    Fermentables Amount Fermentable PPG °L Bill % 6 lb Belgian - Pilsner 37 1.6 56.6% 4 lb German - Pilsner 38 1.6 37.7% 0.6 lb German - Acidulated Malt 27 3.4 5.7% 10.6 lb Total Hops Amount Variety Type AA Use Time IBU 1.5 oz Saaz Pellet 2.8 First Wort 20.22 1 oz Saaz Pellet 2.8 Boil 45 min...
  7. triskelion

    Bubbling for over a month

    Just did a small batch pilsner smash and noticed it bubbling in the demijohns for a very long time. Did a gravity reading and it had definitely finished up but it was still bubbling like crazy, this is over a month in primary. I bottled and primed with dextrose today. I got a mentos and coke...
  8. snarf7

    Grapefruit Pils - late hop additions

    The wife has tasked me with brewing a grapefruit-inspired summer sipper. something crisp, clean and refreshing. I was planning to use one of my standard pils recipes as the base (mostly Pilsner malt, a little Vienna and Carapils with Saaz or Hallertau for my early bittering addition). For the...
  9. L

    Rising SG and carbonated in primary fermentation

    This is my second batch, and my first attempt at a pilsner. I understand pilsners are meant to be kept at a lower temperature, in my back room it's consistently between 11-14 degrees and the recommended temperature for this brew was 12-15. The initial gravity was 1.038 and after three weeks it...
  10. Kelly13A

    Low OG on pilsner

    brewed my first pilsner today. I poured the cooled wort into my fermenter and added just a bit more water to bring it up to 5 gallons, turns out I added it just a bit past 5 gallons. I took a gravity reading at 62 degrees F before adding the yeast starter, the OG reading was 1.02, which is way...
  11. devils4ever

    First Lager Recipe--Critiques Wanted on Recipe and Techniques

    Having vast experience (decades) with brewing all-grain ales, I've finally decided to do a lager for the first time. In fact, I want to brew 2 lagers on the same day since it saves me time. So, I decided upon a Munich Helles and German Pilsner. Here's the recipes. Munich Helles 10 lbs German...
  12. R

    Indian Pale Lager-ish. Or not?

    I have recently been thinking of brew a quite standard German Pilsner, just 100% Pilsner malt, Saaz and Halleratuer Mittelfrauh as bittering and aroma around 15-20 minuter left, and then just dry hop it with a bit of Citra and Cascade, not to much, just to give it that nice, dry hoppy citrusy...
  13. muzik2go

    New to lager yeasts... did 70 degrees for 36 hours kill my yeast?

    This is the third beer I've brewed. The previous two used a general ale yeast advised to ferment at 65-70, and I thusly assumed this was a standard brewing temperature across all yeast strains. This batch, however, is a pils using Wyeast Czech Pils 2278, and after 36ish hours at 65-70 degrees...
  14. BrewingAroundtheRrealm

    Bringing all of the Hops to the table - Brewing an IPA with all of the hop varieties in the freezer

    I've collected several bulk hops purchases over the last few months. Wanting to use them in something I brewed up an IPA with what I had left. Including a hopshot that I've never used before. The recipe and recipe and full details are available on my website...
  15. J

    How does the addition of boiling water to a mash (infusion) not scorch the grains?

    Hey all, I don't have a ton of experience with infusion mashes; I've done them once or twice with mixed results. I'm planning on brewing a Czech pilsner this weekend with the following mash schedule: Step 1: 146F for 35 minutes. 9.52 quarts strike 160F (1.12 qt/lb using 8.5# grain). Step 2...
  16. Andreas Eliasson

    Mangrove Jack's NZ Pilsner - Dry hop

    Hello everyone! I'm new here and I've just started brewing my 4th batch of beer - a NZ pilsner this time (Mangrove Jacks). I'm going to dry hop it with some Cascade hops together with the hops that are included in the kit (Nelson Salvin, Pacific Jade and Motueka). What are your experiences...
  17. K

    W-34/70 Phenolic?

    I used 34/70 for a Pilsener (Pils, Vienna, Carafoam, Biscuit; Saaz and Pacific Jade) I brewed before Thanksgiving and am now getting a strong phenolic character in the beer. It was clean for several months, scored high 30s in a local competition, and had a nice lager character for that time. I...
  18. E

    New Zealand Pilsner

    My local shop has stock full of 2017 NZ hops and I was planning on making a pilsner and an IPA. I've never used any NZ hops before, so this is going to be somewhat a shot in the dark. I think I'll do 100% pilsner malt as I want it to be really crisp and make the hops shine. ----- 17L / 4.5gal...
  19. mhburgat@#gmail.com

    Trumer Pils recipe?

    I have many friends that continue to ask me for a Pilsner. I find Trumer Pils to be the best tasting example of a craft type Pils recipe and would like to brew something like it for my friends. I am aware that they use only German noble hops (Saaz and Hallertau?) and de-husked pilsner malt...
  20. Redpiper1

    First time pils noob

    Hi guys/gals. Long time listener, first time caller. Ok so I looked thru the forum quite a bit and I hope it's ok to post this here. Anyway, I brewed my first pils yesterday and have a couple questions because I had difficulty getting my wort down below 70°. I live in Michigan and the temp...