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  1. J

    Fermentation Pressure Monitors, what are they good for?

    I'm trying to understand my picoFerms... so far I only get two pieces of information from them: Is the yeast too warm or too cool? There is 'some pressure', so fermentation has started. I'd be curious what others can read from a picoFerm chart? Is there a way to guesstimate Specific Gravity...
  2. J

    New York PicoBrew: PicoFerms $40/ea

    I have 4 barely used PicoBrew: PicoFerms. Ball lock included $40/ea + shipping Contact me at Justin [at] Scott {dot} org
  3. KMPhilipps

    Pennsylvania PicoFerm

    I have two brand new never used PicoFerms from PicoBrew. $45. each. Picobrew selling for $59.00