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    Picobrew Z2

    I have a Picobrew Z2 that I purchased about six months ago. I bought it so that I would have an option to brew indoors. But I have since really slow down on brewing beer lately and barely use it. It works excellent and have had no issues. Also very surprisingly customer support for these things...
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    Question for Pico Pro Users

    Has anyone tried a back to back brew in a 5 gallon keg? So basically brew picopack, then refill the reservoir and keg with the needed amount of water and brew another of the same picopack into the same 5 gallon keg (basically a 2.5 gallon wort brew). Any ideas on if this would work, do you need...
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    Why did you choose the automated system you have?

    I started out with the ubiquitous 5 gal bucket and extract. I never really progressed beyond that due to not being able to make the time to properly learn about brewing. Then health problems led me to make the medical leap that brewing beer could save my life! Everyone knows that beer is the...