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  1. H

    Pickle Beer (Kettle Soured Gose)

    Thought I'd share a fun one I'm in the middle of brewing. 50/50 pilsner/wheat, inoculated w/ 2 lb acid malt and has been sitting at 90F for about 48 hours. Will be boiling for another 5 min tonight with additions of 1 oz salt, 1 oz dill seed, 0.2 oz mustard seed, and 0.1 oz coriander seed...
  2. Bobcat

    Olive Taste and Smell in my beer?

    Hey, I tried looking around for an explanation is similar threads, but the only useful answer I could find was possible oxidization... One person said old hops, but I doubt that's the case for me at least. Another said that it may have come out of primary too early. Does anyone else have any...