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  1. D

    Fermentation Flavors : How Fermentation Affects Flavor

    One thing that most brewers know is that your fermentation plays a big role in how your final beer tastes. If you didn’t know that before, now you do, you just read it. In this article, we look for flavor contributions beyond the grain bill & hop additions, and see how we can bend fermentation...
  2. J

    Saison ester fade?

    I've been perfecting, or at least attempting to perfect my Saison recipe for nearly 2 years now. Something I've started to notice is that a week or 2 after it's fully bottle conditioned, the esters seem to be much less prominent than when it was young. Also, when young, the phenols seem to be at...
  3. R

    Off flavor issue... HELP!

    I've been having an issue with some kind of phenolic off flavor and after completely assuring that I did everything by the book this go around, I have no idea where it is coming from. Background: 4 different brews. All hop forward IPAs have developed different levels of the off flavor. My most...