ph meter calibration

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  1. johnnycordner

    Ph meter help

    Hi, can you help me understand calibrating ph meters. I have a Dr Meter 838 ph meter. To calibrate it says to use distilled water to mix the calibration powder solutions. I read that ph meters require ions to give an accurate reading and that de-ionised water will prevent the pH meter from...
  2. U

    Selecting and Caring for pH Meters

    Selecting, using, and caring for pH meters seem like complicated concepts. This article will answer all the questions you were too afraid to ask, did not know whom to ask, or did not know needed to be asked. Selecting a pH Meter There are three styles of pH meters: pen or pocket style, portable...
  3. V

    Craft The Perfect Draft - Testing The Waters

    When I bought a digital pH tester last year I knew at the time that in order to continue getting the most accurate pH measurements possible, a small amount of regular maintenance would be needed. The way I look at it having to recalibrate a pH tester once a month is a pretty small inconvenience...