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  1. Gregory T

    Weird Water PH Experience

    How I got a 3.35 mash PH reading I brewed a Belgian Blonde yesterday 10 lb German - Extra Pale Premium Pilsner Malt 38 1.5 75.5% 1 lb German - Vienna 37 4 7.5% 0.5 lb Belgian - Biscuit 35 23 3.8% 0.25 lb German - Melanoidin 37 25 1.9% 1 lb Cane Sugar - boil 1 lb flaked barley 9.25 Gallon...
  2. D

    I did a Mash pH experiment video.

    Wanted to find out if there´s a difference where I take my Ph samples
  3. S

    Testing Mash pH

    I have a pH meter left over from wine-making days. For this next brew (our 3rd) we want to test the mash pH 20 minutes into the mash. (This is the time I'm seeing in several posts and Mr. Palmer's book.) My noobe question is: Do I just draw off some liquid from the bottom of the mash tun? I know...
  4. Washington_Brewologist

    Mash PH question.

    I'm getting ready to brew a really hoppy pale ale today and have a few questions about my mash PH. In beersmith, after all of my mineral additions, it says that my est. Mash PH will be 5.53. I know that the recommended range is 5.2-5.6. Will my mash PH be increasing over the duration of the...
  5. L

    Water advice needed

    Hello All, I've tried looking online in the forums and not sure if I totally understood to get the answer to my question, so I apologize if it was already answered (probably was...). I started using my tap water, horrible flavor, probably from chlorine and chloramine. Spend time looking for...