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  1. P

    Mold on ten day perry brew

    it smells like normal cider now, its bubbling but looks like small specks of white\green mold. What should i do?
  2. Mac95

    Third time's a charm?

    Hi from Glasgow, Scotland. This'll be my third year trying to make a decent batch of perry and cider from fruit that grows in my garden! 2020's was bland, 2021's spoiled, so I'm hoping that I can get advice here to make 2022's palatable. I'll also be giving strawberry wine another shot this...
  3. sscroft128

    Bottle Cider in 9oz grolsch bottles?

    Hello all, I’m about ready to bottle a pear cider and I have a good supply of 9oz grolsch bottles. I plan to use priming drops, is it safe to use these smaller bottles with the drops or am I asking for trouble? Fermentation seems to have completely stopped so I’m thinking the smaller bottles...
  4. D

    Adding pectin enzyme to a perry?

    getting ready to make a pear cider/perry. I’m using organic pasteurized pear juice, and plan to add some brown sugar and cane sugar for a caramelized type flavor and to bump the OG a bit(I’m aiming for a high-ABV cider, something in the 10% range so it’ll have to be around 1.100 roughly). I will...
  5. M

    Pear Cider and late honey addition?

    Hi. Some friends and I recently pressed about 200# of fresh organic pears to make 10gallons of pear cider. O.G. 1.053, Current Gravity 1.010. Pear cider usually ends up slightly sweet tasting. I want to take 1 or 2gallons and rack it into a carboy with honey. How much honey do I need...