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  1. B

    Pennsylvania Blichmann setup for sale

    All equipment is lightly used and in good working condition. Not looking to split it up right now X3 blichmann boilmaker 10 g kettles. One has blichmann false bottom. X2 blichmann tower of powers X1 blichmann hop rocket X1 blichmann therminator X3 extra blichmann valves X1 chugged pump Table...
  2. xjncoguyx

    Keggle electric setup with 25g coleman cooler mash tun (full system)

    Hello all, I have recently upgraded my system to a 50 gallon spikes system, so I am selling off my old keggle setup. I've brewed on it for probably 5 years and brewed countless beers. Just brewed a batch as recently as last week on it. But alas I don't have the space to store it, so it must go...
  3. M

    5 gallon and 6 gallon glass carboys

    I'm selling up to eight 5- and 6-gallon glass carboys for $20 each because I need to reclaim space in my basement. They are all clean and ready to go. Please see this Craiglist post; I'm located in Yardley PA 19067...
  4. H

    Homebrew all grain equipent / Commerical Kegerator

    I have 2 converted keggles i used as HLT and BK. Converted gatorade cooler used as mash tun with false bottom. 10 gal bayou classic kettle. One unconverted quarter keg. March pump that has never been used with stainless head. Home built temp regulator for fermentation chamber. 2 cornies, ball...