penguin glycol chiller

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  1. Zixxer10R

    Texas 1/3 HP Penguin Chillers Glycol Chiller $750

    1/3 HP Penguin Chillers Glycol Chiller. Used for one batch of beer. Additional control unit and thermometer included for same price. Local pickup preferred, but will ship in original packaging. Got this from their refurb section of the website.
  2. Lazer Wolf Brewing

    Is anyone using a Penguin Glycol Chiller?

    At $900, a Penguin glycol chiller is a huge purchase for me. Naturally, I went searching for reviews but came up basically empty handed. Ive seen it mentioned on here a couple times in 2 or 3 threads, but there weren't a lot of details given. Who out there has a Penguin Glycol Chiller and can...