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  1. M. Kim

    Is this a pellicle?

    I brewed wild ale for the first time. It's been fermenting for five months. Is it normal?
  2. M

    Flanders Red and Ageing

    Hello all - I have a Flanders red that has been in primary for about 10 weeks now. I have a strong looking pellicle in my fermenter right now, and my gravity is down to 1.004. My question is at what point can I/should I transfer over to a keg for bulk ageing. Currently it is in a PET carboy so...
  3. O

    Infection help

    Last night we bottled a Double IPA (Extract with 6 Lbs Gold, 1 LB DME, 1 LB Corn Sugar) it was hit with lots of hops throughout the boil, including some CITRA LupulN2 Powder. It fermented fine over 3 weeks, Tasted excellent last week when we measured the gravity (1.008). It tasted fantastic and...
  4. Oaky

    Large Silky Looking Bubbles in neck of Secondary - normal?

    So. This has happened to me twice now. I wonder if it a yeast thing or a possible contamination. I get some bubbles in the neck of the secondary. These look silky off white and don't look too different from fermentation bubbles - except that they stay there until undisturbed and are more...