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  1. MmmmCider

    Bland peach cider

    Tried my hands at a peach cider, used a jar of peach preserves and martinelli apple juice, had a couple leftover frozen/thawed peaches on hand that I threw in (literally like 3 or something insignificant). Tossed in EC-1118 and some fermaid o. Dried out to a 1.000. Backsweetened with a simple...
  2. A

    When to separate pulp

    I’m new to wine making and I had a question about when to separate the fruit pulp from the must during the fermentation. I read on some forums that you rack it out of the bucket into a car boy at 4 to 7 days. Some other people said they fermented tell the wine was dry before racking the must...
  3. S

    Peach IPA- dry hopping with fruit

    Hi-beginner brewer. I have brewed a few times using kits with success and will be using another kit to brew an ipa. The recipe calls for dry hopping but I also plan on adding peaches to a secondary. My mind is made up, I’m adding peaches and you can’t stop me. I know you don’t NEED a secondary...
  4. MaxTheSpy

    Peach Mango

    Hello Everyone! I brewed a Peach Mango mead for the first time, I've brewed tonnes of other meads before but never Peach and Mango. I tried it for the first time and its about 10% ABV Right now and is absolutely delicious. I thought I would share my Recipe with you all. It makes 1 gallon...
  5. M

    Peach Melomel First Time Recipe

    Hello All, I wanted to share this peach melomel/recipe process. It is my first attempt at making a melomel (my experience has been in brewing and at winemaking). So, after much reading, I decided to not heat my honey. However, coming from a wine making background and the fact that I added...
  6. L


    I made a peach wine using this recipe I did everything it said and I feel something has gone wrong :(. I started this wine on 1-31-2010 and it is now 2-10-2010. It has been in the glass carboy for 6 days now and the fermentation has slowed...