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  1. J

    Rusted bottle capper

    Hi! From my last brew/bottling day I used Oxiclean to clean all my brewing equipment instead of PBW. This weekend I intend to bottle the batch that is fermenting right now, and while I was making sure I had everything ok, i noticed my bottle caper got rusted. Do you guys recommend using it...
  2. EnglishAndy


    PBW (and Starsan) are no longer available in the EU. This situation may be resolved by the importer but existing stocks are running very low at the usual online stockists. I am personally getting close to the bottom of my tub of PBW and may have to mix my own from ingredients I can get on ebay...
  3. G

    Forgot to rinse PBW

    Hey ! I just finish a brew day, and I just want to know if I have to throw my 20L batch away :( At the end of the boiling stage, I added some hops, and use my Stirring Paddle to mix that in the mash. The problem is that this Stirring Paddle was resting in a PBW solution and I didn't rinse it...
  4. I

    Good "everyday" cleaner for small jobs?

    Hi all, I love PBW to death, but it is not always convenient to mix up, and it doesn't keep well once mixed (given that the oxygen volatizes), so I am at a loss for a good light-duty everyday cleaner for small jobs. For context, I am making a lot of meads lately, and given that they require a...
  5. R

    Calculating PBW ounces to Tablespoons

    My search to find out how many Tablespoons vs. Ounces of PBW rendered many DIFFERENT conclusions. So, I went out and bought a digital scale to figure out the answer. However, my results are not close enough to everything I’ve read, so I’ll open this up here for discussion. The scale I bought...
  6. D

    PBW $4 a pound NNJ

    I started brewing about a year ago and thought I would need a lot of PBW so I bought 50 lbs. It turns out I do not need as much as I bought. If you are local this will be a good deal. I'm in Montville NJ. I also have these other items for sale...
  7. F

    How often to use PBW for keg

    Hi! I just recently started kegging (yes, it is awesome!). I was wondering how often you guys clean with PBW (or equivalent)? Is it before every new batch of beer you keg or like every 10:th? Will it suffice to rinse it out good and even give it a good scrub with a brush and then use SaniClean...
  8. J

    Cleaning New Spike CF10 Before 1st Use

    As i anxiously await the arrival of my new Spike CF10 (TOMORROW!) - I'm wondering about cleaning and sanitizing before my first use. In all the excitement of the conical, temp control and other bells and whistles, I neglected to get a CIP ball. I don't want to let this thing sit idle any...
  9. J

    Accidentally mixed solid pbw with 5.2 ph stabilizer

    I accidentally mixed pbw and 5.2 stabilizing agent. No water has been added and it’s in a sealed bucket. How do I dispose of it???
  10. Phil5150

    Need advice :) First Beer

    Hi everyone, first sorry for my bad english, i'm french. I'm 19 years old ( don't worry in Quebec is 18yrs legal age Ha ha ) I just started Brewing, and i need few advices. I brought Black rock Mexican lager from my local brewery store with IO Star and PBW cleaner. I read everything on the...
  11. FunkedOut

    Central Florida Group Buy - PBW

    Figured I would get a feeler out there for a central Florida group buy of PBW. 50lbs bucket makes it cheap versus the 4lbs or 8lbs bins. Aiming for 5 participants total. - 10lbs each - ~$35 each It's on sale right now for $175 I’d be happy if even 1 or 2 people are interested in the split.
  12. Surly_goat

    PBW or Just Rinse Glass

    So I'm starting to brew twice a week and I'd like to stream line some processes. I'm doing my starters in a 2 litre Erlenmeyer. I always just throw it in my on going bucket of star San to sterilize. To clean it though If there is no visible debris or residue does it really need PBW? If I pour...