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  1. D

    Partial Mash Efficiency Dropping from Pre-Boil to Fermenter

    I brewed a partial mash recipes using BIAB method last weekend. I mashed all my grains and then added LME in the last 15 minutes of the boil. I tried calculating my efficiency using Brewer's Friend ( I am coming up with 57.4% efficiency (not...
  2. derekp83

    First Partial Mash, Short Boil, DMS Potential?

    Let me start off by saying this was not an experiment. On Saturday I tried my first BIAB and partial mash. While I was bringing my kettle to boil, I used a smaller kettle for mashing grains separately: 8 oz of 2 row 8 oz of crystal 40 I kept the grain kettle in the oven to help insulate it...
  3. SKBugs

    New to brewing, very limited equipment.

    All i have is a 8 gallon(ish) kettle and an electric stove top. I have made a couple of extract batches with some steeping grains, which came out at around 4-5 gallons. The stove managed the boil very well and i think it could go up to most of the 8 gallons. The two beers i made have been...
  4. C

    smoked stout recipe

    Hi im trying my first move into using grain instead of extract/steep and am planing to make a smoked stout using a partial mash/ extract method and am wondering thoughts on the recipe. It is a 5 gallon batch using a partial boil. The recipe is: 1 kg Extra light DME (23.3%) 1kg light DME...
  5. P

    Session IPA Conversion to Partial Mash

    I'm trying to convert an AG Session IPA recipe to a partial mash recipe because I'm brewing on the stovetop. I found this recipe on hbt: I'm trying to convert it to Partial Mash and keep it to...
  6. Bubbles2

    need online calc for partial DME and Grain

    Is there a calculator online for putting in the partial grain bill coupled with DME to get an estimate on my OG at start? I have a bunch of different malts here to brew with, but was hoping to get an idea at the sugar I will get from em? Thanks for looking in Example: .5lb Special .5lb Non...
  7. S

    Infection after 3 months in two batches

    In the end it happened: after 5 years of homebrewing, my beer got infected. The problem is that I really cannot understand how and why. I am always careful, almost paranoid with cleaning, but this seems a really strange infection. I made 2 batches in parallel, a white IPA and a black IPA...
  8. GRJBowers

    Russian Imperial Stout partial mashening (and other stories)

    Hi, HBT. Longtime lurker finally signed up for some advice and apologies in advance for what will probably be a wall of text. First some background info. I don't have an outdoor burner so my homebrew adventures are limited to partial mashes in a 5 gallon cooler with partial boils on the stove...
  9. B

    Why Would Steeping Grains Include 2 Row?

    I just bought a BIPA extract kit and the steeping grains include a pound of pale malt. I've been doing my homework and found many a thread with conflicting information. Some say steep as usual and just get a small amount of flavor from the pale malt. This seems to fly in the face of everything...
  10. escalante88

    Trying to Determine Partial Mash Proportions

    I'm a newbie (started a month ago) and I've been trying to determine the correct ingredient proportions for a 5 gallon batch of partial mash honey wheat beer. I listed what my tentative recipe and the ingredients I have below, but I'm curious to see if anyone has any favorites, corrections, or...
  11. escalante88

    Partial Mash Honey Wheat Beer Recipe Anyone?

    Anybody have any tasty recipes for a partial mash honey wheat beer? I've been looking around and am a newbie so I am trying to figure one out, proportions and all, for a 5 gallon batch. I listed what I have below, but I'm curious to see if anyone has any favorites or suggestions. Holler at me...
  12. iammatt

    Partial Mash Amarillo/Citra American Pale Ale

    Going to be experimenting with this little recipe over the next few months. Anyways, here is how it goes at conception, plan on brewing this first on 4-24, feedback, recommendations and experiences are appreciated. Recipe: Partial Mash Amarillo/Citra Pale Ale Style: American Pale Ale...
  13. S

    Holiday Ale PM ideas?

    I'm looking to make a high gravity spiced ale that I can put down and age until December. I'm looking specifically for help concocting a recipe that takes into account two brewhouse limitations: Only able mash four lbs of base/specialty grains (2 gallon mini-mash tun) Only able to safely boil...
  14. T

    Everything was going so well...

    So I brewed up an AHS APA today, partial mash, full boil. Everything went great, no problems, smooth all the way. I get the wort into my primary bucket and take the gravity reading and get 1.044 (adjusted). According to the AHS recipe and Beersmith I should have come out with a 1.051 OG. I...
  15. lefty913

    Using Maris Otter in a partial mash recipe

    For a simple Pale Ale, in addition to using other grains, like Munich and Crystal, would adding in a pound of Maris Otter (as opposed to American 2-row) add anything noticeable to the final beer? What are some people's experiences with using MO in a partial mash recipe?
  16. T

    Critique? Belgian Saison Partial Mash

    Trying to keep as close to the style as possible. Added a little acidulated malt for flavor rather than PH. I have been using Deathbrewers stovetop partial mash method. Mash at 155 for 45 min. Sparge at 170 for 20. This gave me a 75% efficiency last time, but set this up at 70 for good luck...
  17. DeathBrewer

    Easy Partial Mash Brewing (with pics)

    EDIT: Modifications will be made to these pages over time. If you find anything confusing or would like clarification, please post your questions here. I'll be searching through the thread periodically to include all the information from answered questions within the tutorial itself. Due to...