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  1. nreed

    Will adding Gypsum improve the Hop character in my beers?

    Hi all. I'm just started drinking my 4th brew which was a SMaSH with Maris Otter and Mosaic. I'm really happy with the results after having to toss my 3rd batch for some really off-medinal flavours. A mix of building a fermentation chamber to keep my temps level and using camden tablets seems...
  2. J

    Belgian Pale Ale Belgian Pale Ale (Gold Medal in Category 24, Michigan Beer Cup 2019)

    Ca 71.5, Mg 11, Na 11, Cl 60, SO4 60, HCO 73 Use Gypsum, CaCl and Lactic Acid for water adjustment 95% Viking Pilsner Malt, (1.7-2L) 5% Dingemans Special B, (140-155L) 153F - 60 Minutes 170F - 10 Minutes Magnum @ 90 (adjust this addition as needed for 20 IBU total.) .44 gms/gal Wyeast...
  3. SethTheGreat

    Innis & Gunn (Scottish) Lager Clone

    If you've never tried this Scottish Lager, you're missing out. I was told that I pretty much nailed it on my first attempt by a friend who is currently going to school in Cardiff and brought a few bottles of the real stuff back with him last summer. It may not be exact, but it hits all the same...
  4. C.N. Brewer

    Hops suggestion for pale ale recipe

    Howdy, I’m new to homebrewing. I’ve brewed 3 different kits but I want to make my own pale ale recipe. I’ve read “The Beer Bible” and “How To Brew” for good background knowledge. I’m concidering using brewer’s gold as the bittering hop, but I’m unsure about what to use for the aroma hop. I want...
  5. Samtoberfest

    Excess hops... help!

    Hey everyone. I've got a fair amount of hops that I'm not super familiar with using together, and that I want to utilize in our house Pale and some new IPA's. Malt bass is real simple: Pale, some Munich and touch of C-45. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on pairing these varieties...
  6. S

    My First Post, how's my recipe?

    I have just made my first batch of all grain in 5 years, i based my batch off of a sierra nevada clone recipe but i changed it by accident when doubling some ammounts. here is what i did 25 lbs of 2 row and 3.25 lbs crystal 60 mashed at 160 for an hour (not the intended temperature of...
  7. zgardener

    How Can I Decrease Maltiness Without Lowering Gravity?

    A few weeks ago I brewed a great APA, here's the recipe 6lbs Light LME 5.5lbs Pale Ale Malt .25lb Carapils 1.5lb Crystal Malt 20L .5lbs Rye .25 Oz Brewers Gold 60 min .25 Oz Brewers Gold 45 min .25 Oz Brewers Gold 30 min .25 Oz Glacier 30 min .25 Oz Glacier 15 min .25 Oz Glacier...
  8. fredthecat

    my Belgian Golden Recipe

    Does this sound about right? this will be my second all grain batch, and i'm aiming for something simple in the form of a golden beer for summer. i would add aromatic (also no biscuit malt) but i cant get it around here and was trying to figure out if i should substitute 1lb of the pilsener malt...