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  1. MaxStout

    Preventing O2 ingress when cold-crashing for lagering - ideas?

    I have a dilemma. I have 5.75 gallons of lager (pitched W-34/70) in a 7 gal. Brew Bucket the ferm chamber, and in a couple weeks I'll be cold-crashing to lager for another month or so. I normally use a CO2 Harvester with 1/2 gallon canning jars to collect enough CO2 for the inevitable suck back...
  2. H

    Silicon Tubing Oxygenation During Racking

    Hey All: I have been using a 6 foot 3/8" ID silicon tube to close transfer beer from a stainless steel Brewbucket to a CO2 purged keg - for sanitation I boil it prior to using which is why I like it. I know that silicone tubing is notorious for oxygen permeability, but given the short time the...
  3. B

    New York O2 Kit -NYC Area

    Got this O2 kit for my high-gravity brews, but have started using it on all my brews. It really smoothes out the fermentation, helps prevent stuck fermentations, and cuts down on the higher alcholols. Happy yeast=better beer. $70 new, I’m selling for $50, and throwing in 2 free bottles of 02...
  4. micraftbeer

    Dissolved Oxygen Experiment- Interesting Finds with Beer Transfer Method

    I recently did a hands on review of a Milwaukee MW600 Dissolved Oxygen meter for HomeBrewFinds. Review linked here. As part of trying out the meter, I did a bunch of different experiments looking at dissolved oxygen. One of them that the results surprised me on was method of beer transfer...
  5. BelgianMeadMakeuhr

    Oxygen danger/helpful?

    Hi! I'm making my first mead (with Lalvin EC 1118) and I have a few questions about the aeration of the must: I read that it was best for the yeast to aerate it at the start of the fermentation to avoid stressing it too much and produce off flavours. My question is: until when is it good and...
  6. marlinmatt

    Oxygen Regulator

    This a super cool vintage regulator.works fine. Used to oxygenate. They don't make em like this anymore! $25, 15 to ship if needed. I'll refund excess shipping if post office offers cheaper option Thanks, Matt
  7. B

    Fermenting Under Pressure

    I first fermented under pressure by casting out as usual, oxygenating the wort, pitching yeast, capping the fermenter (I ferment in kegs), then pressurizing with CO2 and immediately questioned why I wouldn't have done so with O2. I haven't seen this discussed anywhere and most discussions and...
  8. J

    Mead without an airlock?

    Hi everyone, I started my first batch of Meade yesterday, I have left it in a plastic bucket with a sealed lid but no airlock. Do I need to release the CO2 if so how often and does it matter if oxygen gets into the mixture? Many thanks, Josh
  9. Nate R

    Adding oxygen to yeast starters?

    Anybody ever add oxygen to their yeast starters? I know it makes a HUGE difference in turning wort into beer. Does it make a difference on a yeast starter with a stir plate? Assuming all best practices for cleaning, sanitizing, etc are followed, will it make a noticeable difference? My plan is...
  10. SmokeyRydr

    Cold crash suck-back volume estimate?

    is there any general guidance for the volume of gas being sucked back when cold crashing? E.g. if I have a 6.5g carboy and 5.5g of beer, and I cold crash from 68F to 35F, what volume of gas should I expect to suck-back? if this is pretty constant and predictable, I'd like to create a large...
  11. GrowleyMonster

    Let's talk about Oxygen.

    So far, I have not oxygenated any of my beers. Seems to work okay. Using US-05 yeast either pitched fresh on new wort, or left in the trub and the next batch poured directly on it. I have even gone so far as to purge the fermenter with C02, thinking it was a good idea because Oxygen is the enemy...
  12. K

    Harder to get carbonation when using beergun with CO2

    Hi! Everytime I use my Beergun and give each bottle a good spray with CO2 before filling the beer, the carbonation take forever. Sometimes up to 3-4 months. I use the same amount of primer as I always do. The only differense is the lack of oxygen in the bottle. Is that the reason? Does anyone...
  13. Deadly-Ink

    Step feeding must vs oxygen "pollution"

    I’ve got a question I’m hoping can get answered by the wealth of knowledge stored here. I’ve started my first larger batch and I’m afraid I may have made a mistake. My first attempt was a single gallon, well over a year ago, that was about as basic as it gets and tasted harsh. Since that time I...
  14. sandphan

    Have I ruined my beer!? - secondary fermentation

    I recently started my first batch of beer. I am making a Rose Petal IPA. I recently siphoned into secondary 3 days ago. I steeped some rose petals and put them in a mushlin bag and into the carboy to float. I was worried about the carbonation from the rose petals because they were not sunk to...
  15. Pan_Kotsky

    Is my regulator leaking?

    Recently I got an Air Liquide Blueshield Series 45 Oxygen regulator at a garage sale for $10. I decided to retire it for my CO2 system. I had the inlet nipple replaced. I used Teflon tape and pipe dope to seal all the threads and soap test showed no leaks. However I did the following test which...
  16. micraftbeer

    Where do You Find Notable Difference with Oxygenation Stones?

    I've been trying out some oxygenation stones (both 0.5 micron + O2 tank, and aquarium pump + 2 micron stone) lately. My standing process is I pass the wort through a strainer as I transfer from kettle to fermentor and let that aerate/splash. I did two trials where I split my wort into 3...
  17. P

    Copper equipment & Hop oxidation

    I wasn't able to find any explanation in searches so I'm posting a topic. In some discussions related to NEIPA and related intricacies of heavily hopped beer I've seen comments about copper immersion chillers and "wanting to go SS" which leads me to this question: Is it known whether copper...
  18. Spargster

    Wisconsin Oxygen Flowmeter $50

    Maxtec Oxygen Flowmeter, new never used. 0-15 LPM flow rate with sight guide so you can accurately dose your wort. Comes with a Schrader Quick Connect fitting attached but you can easily remove and plumb it into your system however you like. $50(OBO) plus shipping. Weighs about 12oz and ships...
  19. U

    Ascorbic Acid Super Oxidizer?

    I've read on a previous thread here that supposedly ascorbic acid by itself can become a super oxidizer instead of an antioxidant. But I've used it by itself and never noticed an issue. And noticed many food items using it as a preservative by itself with no MS. And I know metabisulfate is good...
  20. laserghost

    Pure O2 oxygenation formula

    I haven't brewed in a while and am revving up for a brew day. One of the things I needed to refresh my memory on was how long I was running my pure 02 tank (through a .5 micron stone) to oxygenate the wort before pitching. I have a medical regulator on the tank and can control the flow down to...