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  1. micraftbeer

    Where do You Find Notable Difference with Oxygenation Stones?

    I've been trying out some oxygenation stones (both 0.5 micron + O2 tank, and aquarium pump + 2 micron stone) lately. My standing process is I pass the wort through a strainer as I transfer from kettle to fermentor and let that aerate/splash. I did two trials where I split my wort into 3...
  2. M

    Colorado Tri-Clover Accessories

    All items UNUSED, new from Stout Tanks, shipping included. Items sold without clamps or gaskets. Please use details of items at https://conical-fermenter.com/Accessories/ Rotating CIP Spray Ball, 3"TC $50 SP1.5ISG (1200) 1.5-inch Inline Sight Glass...