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  1. sandphan

    Have I ruined my beer!? - secondary fermentation

    I recently started my first batch of beer. I am making a Rose Petal IPA. I recently siphoned into secondary 3 days ago. I steeped some rose petals and put them in a mushlin bag and into the carboy to float. I was worried about the carbonation from the rose petals because they were not sunk to...
  2. T

    Dry Hop Aroma fades fast - Oxygen Police around ?

    Here's the very brief info on my process Made 11 gals NEIPA using RO, 6 gr CaCl, 3 gr Gypsum. PH after mash 5.3ish Keg conditioned, split in two 5.5 gal cornies, with the right amount of table sugar and placed a mesh tube with 4 oz of hops into each keg, then CO2 transferred it from carboy...
  3. S

    Easy oxygen free racking (I hope)

    First time poster, long time lurker. I am pretty much a noob to beer brewing, with only 1 finished batch and 2 on the way, but I have a lot of experience with planted aquariums, fish breeding and gourmet mushroom growing. These hobbies are a lot more similar than most people think...