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  1. R

    Could hard seltzer oxidize?

    I’m planning to brew my first seltzer this weekend. Just simple sugar, water and us-05, ferment it as usual and the filter it through active carbon. What I’ve not been able to find is if hard seltzer oxidizes like a usual beer, or if it’s not affected since it’s just water and alcohol. Do...
  2. Tyler Hurst

    Stainless oxidation or rust in Hop Stainers

    Hi, so I just brewed a beer that I’ve brewed numerous times before. An all galaxy mango Milkshake NEIPA, but when I pulled my hop strainers out I noticed this red buildup that looks like rust or oxidation. My brew does have a slight “metallic” taste to it but I just put it in keg and it’s still...
  3. V

    I Knew Better (Troubleshooting)

    I did an NEIPA recently O.G. 1.060 and the homebrew store was out of the yeast I needed and it had to be brewed that day so I pitched RVA Hoptopper 2 1/2 months old with no starter :smh: (I knew better and said YOLO). Resulting beer is very fusel tasting which I can only think is due to...
  4. M

    Problem with Auto Siphon/Dry Hopping Strategy

    I dry hopped in a carboy. And I planned to siphon out with a small muslin cloth (essentially a hop bag) over the end of my auto siphon into my bottling bucket. I ran into a major problem--which was that the resistance from the muslin bag overcame the seal inside the cylinder of the auto...