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    Racking and Oaking Grape Wine

    Hello all, I have years of experience with brewing cider, fruit wines, mead, and beer, but this is the first time I am doing a grape wine kit. It is a shiraz blend. I got the kit as a means of obtaining the balanced juice, but I am not following the instructions and time table to brew it in...
  2. C

    Strange hydrometer reading, possible infected mead?

    Hey everyone! New mead brewer here and I was hoping to share my possible mistake and hopefully learn about what is going on and save others the trouble. Take it easy on me haha Anyway, I started a 1 gallon batch of mead late last year. I got a good 1080 reading on the hydrometer before...
  3. N

    NEIPA bottling experiment using Daraform Oxygen Scavenging caps

    I have just bottled my first NEIPA, (6th Feb 2021). I have read a lot about people trying to purge headspace with CO2 and seen all the 'discussion' that occurs as a result. I don't have a keg setup or any smaller means of getting CO2 into my bottle. So I was aiming to try bottling with a very...