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  1. mboardman

    Saq the Pious AG kit and wlp530

    planning to brew the Saq kit (its a Westy 12 clone) tomorrow and not sure how much yeast I should pitch. 5 gallon batch, OG 1.090. I have 3 packs of wlp530, all three manufactured back in Jan 2019. Mr Malty says the viability is around 10%, so I would need 11 packs with a starter on a stir...
  2. Sergiy

    Yeast over pitch

    Hi, i have added one package of Fermentis Safale US-05 to a 5 litres of wort with 1.060 gravity. As i found out later from different calculators, that i have to use 1/3 of a package. Did i over pitched, and how i may affect the result?