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  1. F

    Adding water after the boil

    Hi all, Fairly new to brewing, I've done four or five kits and recently started to experiment with other peoples recipes posted online. I've struggled a bit with the wording for this question so I hope it makes sense - if not please ask for any parts you want clarified. A lot of the recipes...
  2. T

    Mash Tun Size for High OG Brewing

    I would like to make the jump to full grain brewing and I’m unsure what size vessel I will need for my mash tun. Given: I’m reasonably certain I will only ever brew 5 gallon batches. I have a penchant for high ABV beers, though I brew everything. Most of what I’ve read leads me to believe a 10...
  3. NelsonNelson

    Fruit Addition to Secondary and OG

    Hi all, I recently was eating some mangos and my tastebuds were overwelmed with citrus and evergreens, reminding me of my favorite IPAs. Playing somewhat off Dogfish's Aprihop, I am in the process of making a Mango IPA(In primary). I've read some threads on fruit additions to the secondary...