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  1. C

    SOS from the wonderful Mexican mountains. Back sweetened, keggin and big cuestions

    Goodnight. Being 10:40 p.m., on a cold night in the deep mountains of Mexico, a group of enthusiasts are very interested in rescuing a method of making Mexican artisanal cider that came from France in the 19th century according to our sources and this is where I enter, in this great problem...
  2. schoberli

    Hello from Switzerland

    Hello community, This is Mikka from Switzerland. I found pleasure in homebrewing during lockdown time and I'm looking forward to discussions, tips and new beer trends in this amazing forum. My beer styles and ideas: I love NEIPA, sour beer and herbal beer. Definitely no fan of German...
  3. the_queen_bee

    Organic, Fair Trade Honey for Brewing at +50% OFF!

    We just took delivery of the most delicious brewing honey on the planet... and it's in the wrong package! We can't sell it in stores, so we are passing this deal on to Home Brewers... because we're home brewers too! This is organic, fair trade honey at a remarkable discount – less than half...