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  1. N

    Trying to clone a rye beer

    I had a beer at the Lucky Labrador brew pub in Portland, Oregon yesterday. It was named "quality rye." I found it quite tasty and hence want to try and make my own. There is some published information on the Lucky Labrador rye beer. Thirty UBUs, utilizes Golding and Fuggles hops, 23% rye...
  2. P

    New from Oregon (long-time lurker)

    Hello, I'm a new member on the forum, but I've been brewing for about a year, now - if you don't count my apple wine adventures as an adolescent - and just got my first three carboys a few days ago. No more buckets! :ban: I started my most-recent batch of something reminiscent of ginger-beer...
  3. phofmann

    Oregon 1/2 Barrel Electric Turn Key System with Tons of Extras

    I have a 1/2 barrel electric brew system with kettles, HERMS, control panel, and pumps. I bought this system a couple of years ago and am just moving different directions with my hobbies. I am also including 4 kegs, a four-way regulator, 10-gallon Blichman fermentor, a Blichman hop rocket...
  4. Bobbybob

    Oregon Electric Brewing set up.

    So I started building an three pot electric brewing set up about 2 months before my first child. Well that was almost 5 years and another Kid ago so I am going to sell the majority of it. This was a DIY set up from ebrewsupply.com. It was the last non-stainless box that they cut. It is a 50a two...
  5. MaxTheSpy

    Peach Mango

    Hello Everyone! I brewed a Peach Mango mead for the first time, I've brewed tonnes of other meads before but never Peach and Mango. I tried it for the first time and its about 10% ABV Right now and is absolutely delicious. I thought I would share my Recipe with you all. It makes 1 gallon...