oops! i crapped my pants!

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    Chemsan in finished beer

    Hi everyone, new here. I’m on my second 1 gallon batch and messed up today. My siphon kind of stopped mid-way siphoning into my bottling bucket, so I filled it up with sanitizer again. I don’t know how, but I somehow managed to pour about 40-50ml diluted Chemsan into the wort before stopping...
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    Oops... one inch hole for weldless fitting

    I screwed up and drilled one inch hole on a keggle for the weldless fitting instead of the 7/8. I managed to use the right one for all three of mine, but the first time I drill the hole for someone else, wrong size. Crud. I didn't even realize I had a 1" hole saw.:mad: The set up still seems...