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  1. Juggernaut27

    Canada Ontario (GTA) - 6 20L used Schaefer kegs for sale $30 ea

    Hi all, So a local restaurant that I frequent was clearing out there keg storage and informed me they had a bunch from an old brewery that is now defunct. I took a bunch of them, more than I needed, so now I have 6 available for sale. I'm asking for $30/ea or $120 for all 6.
  2. BarleyBeaver[BANNED]

    Pressure Tested Cornelius Ball Lock Keg 4 Packs

    Need more space to store your homebrew? Buddies not returning your bottles? Why not go for a keg or four? They're only $219.99... These kegs are a bit older, and have seen quite a bit of use in the beverage industry. They've been checked for parts and pressure tested, but...
  3. M

    Hello from Ottawa "Canada"

    I'm glad I found this forum! I feel the wisdom spewing out of my monitor and into my brain! Anyone know of a home brewer's club in Ottawa? If not, we should start something up. Perhaps a monthly brew swap between fellow brewers! Also, anyone care to share any information on where to...
  4. THRobinson

    Anyone know any good suppliers in Canada (Ontario)

    I was sent a link for Austin Homebrew Supply, and what a great site. It's find for ordering the recipe kits, but because of the distance, and shipping over the border etc... I'd like to find a similar site locally in case I need to order bigger items like a steel brew pot, and small items...
  5. THRobinson

    Hello from London, Ontario (Canada)

    First off... Arg! Wrote an intro already, hit submit and got a page cannot be displayed message, hit back and the form is blank. :drunk: Anyway, I'm Thomas, up here in the Great White North (Canada) looking out my window at about 5" of snow. I'm a recent graduate of Graphic Design, having...