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  1. Northern_Brewer

    How long can you leave liquid yeast after the best-before date?

    It seems to be a regular question, how long before liquid yeast is dead or unusable. Well here's proof that you can revive liquid yeast that's nearly 5 years old, this was an out-of-date pack of WLP540 that I got from the old Hop & Grape ages ago, then with one thing and another I didn't get...
  2. S

    Old yeast didn't ferment all the sugars

    Hey, All, I made the mistake of brewing with old yeast. I will not do that again. Initial ferment was 4 weeks. It's been stuck at 1.02 for a week. I bottled without adding extra sugar because I didn't want to take the chance that the yeast would not ferment the extra sugar and I would end up...