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    Beer for Next Fall

    I’m new here so I hope this is in the right forum; let me know if it should be moved. Working on a recipe to brew in ~November 2018 for Fall/Winter 2019. I’m shooting towards a high gravity beer that falls alongside either Belgian Quad or Old Ale. This time last year, I brewed an old ale with...
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    Brutal Winter Ale

    Ingredients 10lb 2-row (rahr) 1lb caramel 40L (briess) 1lb Biscuit Malt (Castle) 1 oz cascade pellets flavor 1 oz cascade pellets aroma 1 oz Mt hood Pellets bittering Mash Protein rest 133F 30 min 157F for 50 min 159F 30 min 167F 30 min Sparge 4 gallons 170F Boil 60 min w/ Mt...