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  1. G

    Oktoberfest fermentation

    I brewed an Oktoberfest almost 48 hours ago and have not seen any airlock activity since I initially pitched the yeast. After a few too many homebrews on brew day, i pitched my Wyeast Oktoberfest Lager Blend mistakenly at 87 degrees instead of the optimum temperature of 48-58 degrees. I did...
  2. Garrett_McT

    Diacetyl Rest: High Temperatures

    Dear HBT community, This is my first post and of course it is a problem related to brewing! I am currently fermenting a Marzen beer for my Oktoberfest party and started performing my diacetyl rest for the WLP830 strain White Labs German Lager Yeast I used. Sadly I had to start my diacetyl rest...
  3. mccamich

    Diacetyl Rest then rack, or rack then diacetyl rest?

    Primary fermentation is complete on my Oktoberfest. Going to diacetyl rest for 3 days before I lager it. Should I do the diacetyl rest for 3 days in the primary fermenter, then rack it, and lager it? Or, should I rack it to the carboy, diacetyl rest for 3 days in the secondary fermenter, and...
  4. Sacred Knot Brewing

    Oktoberfest/Märzen recipe and yeast ideas?

    Long time craft beer fan/craft brewery bartender and new home brewer. I am currently doing 1 gallon partial mash brews as I don’t have the space or equipment for AG brewing as of now. I know it is early in the year to think about it, but I want to do an Oktoberfest bier this year. It is one of...
  5. oktoberfest prep

    oktoberfest prep

    day 1 was a bit rough. 9 hours of drinking. 10 masses. i think i ate but can't remember. know i hit everything on the way out and i mean everything. hit the corner of a building. left bleeding. created 2 bike tsunamis on way home and fell up and down stairs. longest walk ever! day 2 i was ready for.
  6. kevafuu

    Homebrewing Love Story (and vote for us)

    Hi All, I want to share how homebrewing brought my fiancee and I together and hear your stories of love gained or lost from homebrewing. There is an ulterior motive here: My fiancee and I are very close to the finals of Sierra Nevada's Oktoberfest Royal Wedding celebration, and we would love...
  7. paarman

    Oktoberfest/Marzen Water Profile

    Curious what others are using for this style as far as water profiles go. Thanks in advance!
  8. BandonBrewingCo

    Festbier (m)Oktoberfest

    This is from the good folks at Brülosophy. Surprised it hasn't been posted yet. I've added it here even though it's a hybrid lager. Please feel free to move it though. BeerSmith 2 Recipe Printout - http://www.beersmith.com Recipe: (m)Oktoberfest Style: Märzen TYPE: All Grain Taste: (30.0)...
  9. BrewingAroundtheRrealm

    (M)Oktoberfest – Brewing an Oktoberfest Ale with Wyeast 1007

    I can't ferment a lager but I can make an Oktoberfest inspired ale. I took a traditional Marzen recipe and used Wyeast German Ale 1007. It turned out great. Has anyone else tried doing this? Full details with the recipe beerXML file are available on my website...
  10. S

    Oktoberfest lagering time question

    So I brewed my third lager back in June, an Oktoberfest/Marzen that I wanted to consume in an effort to ring in the fall. My previous lagering experiences have been mixed. My first was a Dunkel that started out a bit harsh, but after 8 weeks of lagering started to really come into its own...
  11. B

    Anyone ever dry hop an Oktoberfest?

    I just made an Oktoberfest lager recipe using LME/DME. 1 oz Vanguard for 40 mins, 1 oz Hallertau for 20 mins. I have 1 more ounce of Vanguard (5% AAU) and I'm not going to make another batch for months, why not throw it in when i switch to 2nd stage in 2 weeks? Any advice on that? Am I mad?
  12. Volcom-Brewer

    An Oktoberfest...an appropriate yeast?

    Hello all, I'm going to start an Oktoberfest VERY soon, but I've never done a Lager before. The way the local brewshop clerk told me to use http://morebeer.com/view_product/16443/102170/Saflager_S-2311.5g. I don't think this yeast is what I want to use. He then told me to let it ferment at room...
  13. mightynintendo

    Oktoberfest 1

    Being March and all, it seems appropriate to brew an Oktoberfest to lager soon. I'm shooting for the more golden-colored O-fest one might encounter at a beer tent in Germany during the actual fest (as opposed to the darker amber-colored O-fests exported to the US). Here is the recipe I've come...
  14. beerlackey

    Question on Yeast Subsitution

    At this point in my homebrewing, I can only ferment in the house which is approx 65 dregrees, so this limits me to ales. However, I would like to brew an Octoberfest kit which is a lager and requires lower temps than I can provide. Can I substitute the Wyeast 2112 - California Lager or Wyeast...